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Daniel Abramson

Toronto, Ontario
As a young camper, Daniel Abramson was always the kid who walked into the dining hall covered in mud or walked in late because he got distracted watching clouds or observing bees. During his time at camp, he discovered the power of curiosity and play as ways of learning about ourselves, others, and the world around us. Currently, Daniel's work focuses on helping students and teachers explore social justice initiatives through their classroom learning. He designs experiences that emphasize the process and the fun of making, doing, experimenting, and creating. He believes that our job as educators is not to get knowledge into kids but rather to help them discover and share the knowledge that they find themselves. Daniel holds a Masters of Education degree from the University of Toronto and has worked as a teacher, program director, and youth advisor at various progressive Jewish institutions. These include the Leo Baeck Day School, Toronto Heschel School, Temple Sinai, Holy Blossom Temple, Hillel, and URJ Camp George. Through all his work, Daniel believes that creating positive relationships is the foundation of teaching and learning.

My Educators Sessions

Monday, May 23

10:00am EDT

2:30pm EDT

8:00pm EDT

Tuesday, May 24

10:45am EDT

Wednesday, May 25

9:00am EDT

7:45pm EDT