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Josh Friedman

Josh is a Ph.D. candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University, where he studies how what we believe about others affects what we are willing and able to learn from them. In 15 summers at URJ Greene Family Camp, Josh worked with almost every age group, spending the bulk of his time on challenge courses, working with teens, and training CITs. Josh has also lived, traveled, and taught on five continents, engendering a broad perspective and a deep mind for facilitation, CAMPing, and education.

Josh has taught English in Ha Noi and Ha Galil, facilitated active philosophy in Tefen, Israel, and in Manegau, Nepal with Israelis, and taught in forest kindergartens and homeschools in New Zealand, and community centers and community gardens in el Valle Segrado, Peru. Josh believes that intentionally seeking broad perspectives in turn broadens and deepens experiences for all.

In every learning environment, Josh seeks to integrate research and practice through meaningful action. By literally moving and flexing embodied ideas that move the minds who believe them, he creates spaces that support the mind through the actions of the body to reveal new insights and build new habits. Get ready to move and think as fellows come together to share a great many 'small things' that can be leveraged in any environment to make success that much more easily enjoyable to achieve. Come play and learn how to create challenge courses for yourself and those with whom you live, love, and laugh.